I was first introduced to Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure a few years ago when I was at a catered event (yes, they’ll cater!) and the Zanzibar’s barista was serving up a number of coffee drinks and iced chai tea lattes.  It was my first chai tea latte and I was hooked.  She told me that Zanzibar’s was on Ingersol and I could visit them there for more.

Being new to the area at that time, of course I had no idea where it was, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that is was just a short drive from West Des Moines.  I parked and I could smell the coffee from a block away.  Inside there are bags of coffee beans everywhere, I mean everywhere! The have a giant grinder right at the entrance where they are grinding these beans from all over the world right there.  I’m pretty sure you couldn’t find fresher coffee in Des Moines if you tried.  You can read about this process on their website.

The coffee house is just a really cool atmosphere serving up lots of yummy baked goods along with really really good coffee.  Stop in on your way to work or stay and relax for a while.  They are open til 8pm or 9pm most days too.  Either way I think you’ll be impressed by the way you can watch the journey your cup of coffee took from burlap bag of beans to your hand.

They also serve some breakfast sandwiches and drink options like sodas and smoothies for non-coffee drinkers.  We think you should check it out.