The newest addition to the ever-growing East Village area in downtown Des Moines, Up-Down, is best described as a playground for adults.  It’s located at 500 E. Locust St.

You must be 21+ to enter this “Barcade” that boasts just about every video game from your youth that you can think of like Mortal Combat, PacMan and The Simpsons.

Life-sized Jenga games and Connect-four can keep you busy for hours as you enjoy the wide craft beer selection as well as retro-inspired drinks like “Princess Punch” and “Super Mario-garitas”.

Play some Skee-ball or see how your pin-ball machine skills are holding up.  I have faith that I was much better at Street Fighter when I was 15 than I am now.  But it’s looks like I’ll get to practice a lot more now that Up-down is open.

Games are all a quarter except for a corner where a Super-Nintendo has a spot in a complete

living room set-up with coffee-table and all, where you can choose your game and play your heart out for free.  Jenga and Connect four are also free.

Drink prices are reasonable and that’s a total plus since I can see a lot of young professionals spending many evenings getting reacquainted with the games of their childhood here.

The “Barcade” will be open 5pm to 2am every day starting Friday, October 11th.  On the 11th they’ll

hold a grand opening where the first 50 customers will get 10 free tokens each to play.

Check out Up-down for your next date-night, girls night out, or send the guys out for an evening of bonding.  You’re sure to have some fun and most likely take a trip down memory lane.